interactive theater // intervention

“meet time. It’s quite the renaissance conundrum. We keep it, manage it, run after it, run out of it, and we can’t seem to get enough of it. But what if? We turn it upside down; we unset it, we release it. Who’s in charge here? Has time created us, or have we created time? Has time kept us or is time ours to keep?

fascinated with deconstructing the discourses around us lead to the creation of “060609.” here, the notion of time is provoked and played with through a scripted 14 hour time travelling experience, examining sensibilities around time. aboard the wonderland on wheels, 99 passengers were invited to become part of the investigation, each selected personally by being sent a red key in the mail. the above riddle is the passenger's boarding card. 

through a series riddles about time commencing weeks before, participants were allured into a provocative scenario- an ephemeral narrative that induced each attendee to become a time traveller, with elements designed to create an environment of self-inquiry. 

working with visual artist irmak canevi, the duo converted a double decker bus into a time capsule, positioning installations inside the bus, and experiments on boards, exploring the cyclical and mechanical functions of time, with specific reference to 6s and 9s. 

on june 6th, 2009, the day of the journey, all 99 passengers boarded their urban crusade which disrupted the streets of new york, staging provocations in 5 specific venues. through elements of play and performance, samina also curated an entourage of performances - cabaret musicians, a brass band, magicians and opera singers, to create an environment that provoked, seduced and triggered the passengers’ experience of time. 
the city was the canvas; the passengers, the time explorers; the bus, the time capsule. 

passengers were challenged to make their own time, or make time their own. 

june 2009
new york

email samina to get a link to the full 060609 photo and video series