samina virani earned her bsc in culture and politics at georgetown university’s school of foreign service, specializing in cultural anthropology, post modern philosophy and semiotics. in 2011 she studied at teatro de los sentidos in barcelona where she learned the distillation of the senses, exploring corporal and sensorial communication, and the poetics of play and silence.
the essence of her work is rooted in deconstruction and an esoteric inquiry about inner journeys and transformations. as she seeks to unfold the conundrums of life into a landscape of magical realism, she finds her expressions through poetics, the development of theories, and experimental theater.
through her study of the senses, she designs scenarios traversing the boundaries of theater, blurring the distinction between creator and spectators, and allowing viewers to become explorers. by using whimsical metaphors, she deconstructs through play.
she creates poetic texts as transcriptions of this, repurposed in film scripts, voice overs and integrated in her installations.
samina's work has been influenced by years of extensive travel projects, where she deconstructs myth and storytelling, immersing herself in local rituals and traditions of peoples around the world. some have included the peruvian and colombia amazon, the masai mara, costa rica’s jungle, and the jordanian desert.
samina is regularly asked to lecture in academic and art institutions about deconstructive theory, her research methodologies, and her own theory called “topsy turvy consciousness” – a detangling approach to society’s constructs. her most recent workshops have taken place at the institute of european design in barcelona.
her work has been supported by adidas, georgetown university, iconoculture research advisory, and mit senselab. she has presented in new york’s chelsea art museum, pioneer works, the l gallery tribeca, aboard a 14 hour double decker bus journey in new york, estacion de franca, barcelona, berlin’s s bahn and istanbul’s boshphorus ferry ride.
born in london, samina has lived and worked in new york, washington, dc, istanbul, berlin, and barcelona.
embracing collaborations between artists of different mediums, she aspires to opens gateways and inspirations that expand the collective dialogue about wonderland. to support this vision, she founded the international residency program, “the rabbit hole.”