online and offline interactive gaming

as part of her training at theater de los sentidos, samina investigates instigating self-exploration through a participatory and collective space, online and offline. the public were first invited to explore the imaginary and the invisible by answering the following question in the 8 cities of barcelona, paris, berlin, gyoma, bucharest  and new york: “open the window, what do you see?” the results culminated in an extensive research about what we imagine and what constitutes the invisible. 

as answers were submitted online, all submissions from 8 cities were linked into an ephemeral tale offline. 

in barcelona, participants’ answers were presented at an event called the crystal ball - inscribed on carrots with invisible ink, then made into a juice called essence. in new york, the answers formed part of an introspective crystal ball of plexi glass, lenses and light. 

june 2012-february 2014
barcelona, paris, berlin, gyoma, 
bucharest, istanbul, new york