interactive theater

a theatrical exhibition revealing the artistic conclusions of the time travelling journey “060609”. 

underneath a foundation of festivity and a celebration of disruption, “smoke” seeks to provoke new conceptions about time, and to challenge the discourses surrounding the way “time keeps us”, and the way “we keep time”. 

in this spirit of disruption, the ephemeral narrative held at the chelsea art museum by night, aims to deconstruct the role of the museum, presentation, and interaction. 

through an elaborate application process of riddles, 300 people were accepted to enter a deconstructed scenario - where each attendee was inspired to become a time traveller. elements were designed to create an environment of self-inquiry, blurring the distinction between creator and spectator. 

while designing the scenario, samina also plays a curatorial role, inviting members of the 060609 urban crusade – a close circle of artists and friends - to present their conclusions at the show, interjecting their performances, video projection and art works into the overall tapestry of experiences. 

irmak canevi, carlota figueras, lynsey peisinger, ohad maiman, nico iliev contribute their work to “smoke.” 

january 2011
new york

email samina to get a link to the full smoke photo and video series