interactive theater

co-scripting live theater with producer of theater of the senses, carlos calvo, to mark the launch of the crystal express train project. 

underneath a foundation of festivity and a celebration of disruption, the crystal ball – involving performances, a ceremony, audience participation and a mysterious invitation process - seeked to stimulate new ideas about myth and pilgrimages, and to challenge culturally constructed limits and borders. held at the estacion de francia, a scenario of play and provocation was created to enchant its 250 attendees into wonderland, while devising a storytelling platform to immerse the attendees into the lands and stories of the various cities that the project would visit. 

as part of the mysterious build up to the show, those who were accepted to attend online were instructed to pick up a red key at a local bodega which held the coordinates of the secret location – the back entrance of the train station

june 2012

the carrot installation:
the performance:
getting into the crystal ball:
video clip:
email samina to get a link to the full crystal ball photo and video series