interactive theater

a dramaturgy interpreting the crystal express train project. at the intersection of performance, visual art and interactive theater, “the crystal ball” was designed as a journey capturing some of the sensations, stories and stimulus from the crystal express journey. 

underneath a foundation of festivity and a celebration of disruption, it seeks to provoke new conceptions about connectivity and to challenge the discourses surrounding the way in which we connect and equally disconnect. 

new york city was chosen to culminate the findings of this project as physically unconnected to the train route, it attempted to challenge our sense of spatial versus ground connectivity. 

in devising a provocative and ephemeral narrative, an application process was created to enter the crystal ball, triggering self-introspection about connectivity. 300 accepted applicants then entered samina’s deconstructed world, a mysterious journey which began at the pier 11 port and lead them via boat to a secret location.

each attendee was induced as a traveller and participant in a collective voyage, designing elements that created an environment of self-inquiry, blurring the distinction between creator and spectator.

by revealing the discoveries and artistic conclusions from this train journey through storytelling, several provocations were planted throughout the evening, including an interactive game of mirrors, and an unlikely jam session between musicians and performers.

february 2014
new york

email samina to get a link to the full crystal ball photo and video series