"dissolving the gaze,
 within, without;
 the dissolution of the self,
 the longing, the becoming;
 the vesica piscis,
 the magical portal, the looking glass."

in her residency at the ionion center for art and culture in kefalonia, greece, samina continues her long term work "deconstructing the pilgrimage;" this time exploring a journey through the notion of poiesis. while walking the island of ithaca in 7 days, she then remains at the port, sami in kefalonia for 33 days. gazing one at the other. through this process, she investigates mystical states of poiesis and how this experience locates us in understanding the image of the self in its multiple reflections. relating this to the sufi sema ritual, she explores the journey of one’s own transformations, using the metaphor of the mirror, the silent gaze of oneself in relation to the universal.
after the residency, she studied welding at bbk berlin. she designed and constructed "the looking glass" : a 1m aluminium hexagon, welded and attached with plexi glass surfaces. this installation reflects her experience, and consequent narrative that evolved from her 40 day residency in greece. 

photos courtesy of maike paul (

march 2016,
barcelona, spain