collaborating with israeli artist nir segal, the experiment explored connotations of value among objects when a simple variable is removed: money. 

since coins have been universal embodiments of currency, what happens when values are reassessed? what value is attached to objects, what value is attached to objects without monetary value? what value is attached to currency? 

on a bosphorus ferry in istanbul, they experiment with a value tray placing goods like chocolate, tea, nuts, and candy and offering them to people on board, deriving the value of the items from the stranger’s choices. 

in tel aviv, on a hot summer day, another variable was presented – something that is inherently free for us all: water. as ice, its value is heightened due to the heat, yet when it melts, it deflates almost instantly.

while exploring the value of objects, conclusions were derived about what could be a new currency that factors in these variables. 

june 2012
istanbul, tel aviv