when i start disappearing
i begin to write

my eyes become open to silence


playing and bending the outer skin of reality
digging and digging
through the labyrinths of forms
the reach the invisible once again
the mystical inner world

born a traveller
a pendulum to different places
a gypsy soul
at the edge of perception
in a non place
a universal space

in my work, i investigate the non form
melting boundaries of discourses
decoding symbols
bending archetypes

my response to the post modern noise
the perpetually sedating haze
that sombers the sparks of existence
is to poke and provoke
until something seeps through this outer mask
the drop of a white feather
a calligraphy of light
a whisper of the ney flute

at times the only way to journey into the non form
has been through my alias and saviour, the white rabbit
a character that softens the edges
etching magic through play
inventing new symbols, language
transforming and whirling reality into a mystical illusion

here the abyss of nothingness resides
the nonexistence of existence
the magic center point
the ever so present secret gaze